Stacy. 19. Sophomore at Mcneese State University. As you can see I am obsessed with Shameless U.S. Want to know more about me? Visit my ask box :) Also, there are pictures of me somewhere on this blog...have fun looking. Warning: I rarely tag. I will tag "shameless spoilers" a day after the episode has premiered, after that I will not tag it.

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I thought this meme was perfect for Gallavich so I made it | inspired by [x]

ian gallagher + plaid

This isn’t, got pulled over with a half joint in an ashtray pot. This is Mexican cartel, 60 years in the federal slammer pot.

4x11 - 4x12

I want the job.

Ian Gallagher + his tank tops in season 4


We gotta get a hold of Lip. He should know.
Know what? What—what’s wrong with him?

I just recived my little Mickey commission from Natto Soup in the mail and he’s adorable.  You should vist her online shop and blog. Her watercolors are just wonderful. She did a fantastic job of keeping me updated with the progress of the comission. 

Thank you so much nattosoup.

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