Stacy. 19. Freshman at Mcneese State University. As you can see I am obsessed with Shameless U.S. Want to know more about me? Visit my ask box :) Also, there are pictures of me somewhere on this blog...have fun looking. Warning: I rarely tag. I will tag "shameless spoilers" a day after the episode has premiered, after that I will not tag it.

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@JJJurgens Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today!! Go see Aug 8th!

Advent of the Rice King

At last, the gravy boat had finally reached the shore. As she climbed upon the sea salt banks, Mrs. Butterworth finally knew the reason behind everything. The river journey was all part of an evil plan, of his evil plan. She heard the laughter within the rice field. Finally, a dark figure emerged. Exhausted from her voyage, Mrs. Butterworth collapsed upon the ground, unable to fight him or defend herself. After all, this foe was one of the most evil in the southern regions of Foodmerica. She should have stayed on Meat Island, but no, his trickery drew her here. And here she was, at last. As he stepped into the daylight, she didn’t think she would ever get out alive, or away from him.
It was Uncle Ben.


I didnt have much time today, so here~ have a quick Cam doodle. :)

I know the world keeps spinning,
I know I’m out of time,
I know the world keeps spinning,
But I’ll take my time with you.


shameless us favorite episode of season 4 -> 4x12 | lazarus.

It was me, Lip. Not Frank. Not Monica. Not nature. Not nurture. It was all me. 

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